Pioneering Sustainable Positive Change

Your neighborhood should feel warm and welcoming, somewhere to enjoy your family, the lovely Florida Weather, dare I say- it should feel like home?
Should we keep it nice? absolutely!
But should we harass working young people for having a company vehicle?
Introduce bylaws that conflict with Florida statutes?
Censor community members opinions online?
Have the same neighborhood sign since 1987?
The answer to that is a resounding NO!

Look, this is 2020- we have gender fluid people, 5g, covid, zoom school, medical marijuana
But here we are, paying a company to send automated violations to each and every resident.
There isn’t even a common area here outside of the park- but we need to wash the gutters?

Economic and Employment Solutions For A Modern World

I think we should include lawn care for every resident with the money we’ve been paying to the management company, pretty hard to get a violation when the community is maintaining your property right? Turns out I know a few people in the industry. We should also have a community garden, or one of those lame birdhouses where kids can swap out books for free.

Who is Chris Sherrod?

Avid sportsman who enjoys travel and healthy living. I’ve trekked the plains of the Serengeti and killed two male lions with my bare hands. When I’m not busy tending my farm in the Swiss alps you can find me auditioning for Old Spice fragrance spray commercials. Father of 5, Decorated US Army Veteran, Info systems Major, Sustainable Landscape Design Engineer, Hunter certified irrigation technician, life skills coach, comedian, Web Design and SEO God verified by Linkdin endorsements, Native Floridian.

Make History!

I would be the first American Indian HOA President in the history of Lithia Ridge – which is hilarious considering this is my land right? I’m also a veteran and have a sweet mullet.
– You’re Welcome