Chris Sherrod Florida SEO

“No Lamborghini, Regular Dad, Business Scaling Expert” -No One Ever

Avid sportsman who enjoys travel and healthy living. I’ve trekked the plains of the Serengeti and killed two male lions with my bare hands and a broken light bulb. When I’m not busy tending my farm in the Swiss alps you can find me auditioning for Old Spice fragrance spray commercials.

LMAO! who am I kidding? We have 5 kids, 4 cats, a dog, hundreds of customers – I live off of caffeine and hate

*Insert Amazing Offer Here for Free Thing – All you have to do is give me your email!*

Oh great, just what you need right? to be on another stupid mailing list where some snake oil salesman spams the crap out of your inbox with promises of a million dollars overnight?
Here’s an idea- you want more customers right? do you think it’s a coincidence every site you visit wants your email? Well it’s NOT! it actually works, it’s called nurturing a lead, using a magnet or offer to gain their contact information, continuously offering them value to build rapport and trust! It’s how you turn a curious prospect into a warm lead, it’s how you remind them that YOU were the authority site they went to for information before they were ready to buy! So why does any of this info make you want to give me your email? because I’m going to spam your inbox with fire ass copy and you’re going to think to yourself…. wow, if i was doing this for my potential customers- how many more could i have already sold??

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the here and now, and it’s the future as well. If we look back at the classic mediums for advertising- they all suck! like no joke, they are garbage- you put up a billboard and puke your product out to how many people? And how many of them care about your product? a print ad? radio? who still listens to the radio? Email campaigns? I mean yeah they work sort of- but lets be honest how many times do you delete an email without ever opening it and don’t even take the time to unsubscribe?

The amount of data Facebook and similar platforms collect from consumers is downright disgusting– I’m talking age, pay, education, religion, interests, family size, recent purchases, pets, the list goes on! So WHY in the world would you waste money on a form of advertising that uses 98% of your budget to reach the WRONG people? I’m here to tell you right now that if you tried social media marketing and it didn’t work- you either did it wrong, or you didn’t do it enough. Are you researching trending keywords? are you split testing ad copy? are you finding images and context that speaks to your customers pain and not specifically your product or service?

Google My Business

A Google my business, or GMB listing should be the very first thing any local product or service based business does online! When you need a place to eat, or a lawn guy, or a cleaner- what do you do? you google the thing right? and then what? You see a list of local businesses along with their reviews- do you ever go beyond that and start clicking on websites? No, no you don’t.
So is building your site up and working on SEO great? yeah it’s great- but is it more important than your GMB? No, not for a small business, GMB is native to google, it’s their product and it will always be the top performer on their platform. We can get into why SEO is important for national brands or big ticket items, but if you don’t have a GMB or you don’t use it you are missing out on WAY more calls than you realize.

I was you, where you’re sitting right now- putting all my blood sweat and tears into building a business, living on a prayer, eating, sleeping, drinking my business. Trying to balance my personal life, my customers, my employees, my health- my sanity.

Here’s the part that’s going to surprise you- I had NO problem getting leads or closing customers, in fact I have a professional background in SEO/SEM, Google keyword ranking, HTML, CSS, and the geek list goes on! I know what you’re thinking- If life was so good why are you trying to sell me something? It’s pretty simple, there is literally not enough time in a day to run a business and handle the marketing and online presence at the same time.
It can’t be done- sure if you have a high ticket item sales business you can hire a team or a massive agency; but if you’re me.. if you’re outside mowing lawns or doing landscape installs everyday, running a business with a 2% profit margin?
That’s when it hit me: you can do one or you can do the other, but you can’t do both. Truth is, I like this more- the air conditioning feels great during the Florida summers.