Chris Sherrod is the epitome of Florida Man,
you probably landed here looking for his mug shot didn’t you?

Who The Heck Is Chris Sherrod and What Can He Do For My Business?

Check it out, you’re a busy entrepreneur right? You’re sitting here right now with 3 leads to follow up on, end of month closing in, past due invoices to collect, equipment to maintain, employees to pay. You’re going to give me 30-45 more seconds tops right? So I’ll make this short and sweet, if you really just have nothing but time to waste- I’ll add my whole autobiography to the website.

I was you, where you’re sitting right now- putting all my blood sweat and tears into building a business, living on a prayer, eating, sleeping, drinking my business. Trying to balance my personal life, my customers, my employees, my health- my sanity.

Here’s the part that’s going to surprise you- I had NO problem getting leads or closing customers, in fact I have a professional background in SEO/SEM, Google keyword ranking, HTML, CSS, and the geek list goes on! I know what you’re thinking- If life was so good why are you trying to sell me something? It’s pretty simple, there is literally not enough time in a day to run a business and handle the marketing and online presence at the same time.
Like, it can’t be done- sure if you have a high ticket item sales business you can hire a team or a massive agency; but if you’re me.. if you’re outside mowing lawns or doing landscape installs everyday, running a business with a 2% profit margin?
That’s when it hit me, like a ton of bricks- you can do one or you can do the other, but you can’t do both. Truth is, I like this more- the air conditioning feels great during the Florida summers.

So what does any of that matter for MY business Chris? It matters because I understand the struggles of a small business owner, I understand the budget, I understand the lack of time and the need for a competent vendor- it matters because I can provide you the same value as a massive advertising agency at a fraction of the cost. How do I know? because I worked for one, I was there day in and day out charging companies a minimum of $3,500 a month just to turn around and outsource the work to a remote freelancer in India or some guy on fivver- and we aren’t talking Mom & Pop shops here, I’m talking about fortune 500 companies!

Hey Chris, that sounds great but- Prove it?
Cool, I was hoping you would say that so I’ll use my own landscape company as a case study here.

(What, you didn’t click on that? Do I need to add a call to action on this page in case you didn’t land on that one? is this the type of thing i do for a living or what?)